Science and education are core values of the Laboratory Guild. Our data-driven policy recommendations are developed through the application of science. We collaborate with our members and partners to develop these positions to educate the policy makers and state agencies. Our goal is to develop educational material and produce events to support stakeholders in the cannabis industry.


On the 4th Thursday of each month throughout the year the Laboratory Guild will host our Open Membership Meetings. These meetings will gather the members of the Laboratory Guild into one space so that we can provide updates along with hosting a special speaker each month. Education is one of our core values so we have built these meetings, therefore, we have designed our meetings to be open to the public. Learn more by following the.


We have partnered up with University of Washington Tacoma to produce the Cannabis Analysis Keystone, which will focus on the With all of the projected changes about to occur we have decided to partner up with the University of Washington Tacoma’s (UWT) Professional Development Center to produce an educational forum for the industry. We have named this educational forum the Cannabis Analysis Keystone, which will be a two-day event on the 23rd and 24th of August, 2019. The event will encompass speakers and panels covering topics ranging from the the multitude of changes that have been made and are projected to happen in the near future.