Cannabis Quality Assurance Summit

About the Summit

Science and education are core values of the Laboratory Guild (LG). Our data-driven policy recommendations are developed through collaboration with our members and partners to educate the policymakers and state agencies. One of our main goals is to develop educational material and produce events to support the stakeholders in the cannabis industry. With this in mind, we have decided to produce an educational conference for the industry.

We have named our event the Cannabis Quality Assurance Summit, which will be a two-day conference on the 23rd and 24th of August, 2019. The conference will encompass speakers and panels covering topics ranging from industry good manufacturing processes to the multitude of regulatory changes that are projected to happen in the near future.


We aim to have a robust training and educational experience with the various stakeholders of the cannabis industry. The issues we are exploring are common in all of the developing markets across the world. Therefore, we anticipate that we will attract attendance from across the country and around the world. The conference will set itself apart by offering timely education on topics from pesticide screening to human trials. The Laboratory Guild is here to assist in these cycles of research, development, and education that the nascent industry needs. Therefore we are crafting a conference that will eventually offer continued education for the nascent industry.

Conference Summary

The Cannabis Quality Assurance Summit is a two-day conference held on August 23rd and 24th, 2019. We will be gathering at the at the William W. Philip Hall on the University of Washington campus, which provides an excellent space for conferences. The conference hall itself features spectacular views of the city as well as easy parking on the campus. There is a main stage featuring full A/V for any presentation needs. The attendees will check-in at the hosted registration booth in the morning between 8 – 9 am. After attendees check-in, they will receive their sponsored guest bag and find a seat in the main hall. There are three sponsor areas for attendees to explore during any presentation downtime.

William W. Philip Hall

The Columbia Bank Lobby serves as the Platinum Sponsor Area where you will find 4 select sponsors along with the Laboratory Guild’s Speaker Lounge. The Gold Sponsor Area is placed in the Knopp Gallery where you will find another series of 4 fine sponsor booths. The Jane Russell Commons will serve as the Silver Sponsor Area where there will be 14 exhibit tables w/ a live cast of the conference displayed on the screen in the corner of the room.

Overall, between two days of the conference days, we will be covering a vast amount of material. This is why we have chosen to do have a multi-day conference. Each days agenda will begin with opening notes delivered by the Emcee with a Keynote Speaker to follow. After that, there will be a diverse offering of panels and speakers that will take the stage throughout the day. The Cannabis QA Summit will offer over the opportunity to deliver timely education to the industry. The agenda displayed on the left of this page is an example of the final agenda that we will be using for the conference. We will be featuring a list of speakers and panelists that will provide an overview of topics that pertain to cannabis analysis and quality assurance. Each area of interest for the analysis sector will be touched on and some parts of the sector will be explored in depth.

Quality Assurance

The legalization of cannabis use in Washington has resulted in the availability of a number of cannabis products throughout the state. Each cannabis product is produced and processed by multiple entities working together to ensure that they are crafting their products with consistency. To ensure that consumers have access to safe and properly labeled products, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board and the Department of Health require these cannabis products to be tested by an accredited laboratory. Accreditation is formal recognition of conformity to a standard. An accredited laboratory is capable of providing accurate and defensible data according to established laboratory quality standards. Accreditation requires evaluation of a laboratory’s quality system, staff, facilities and equipment, test methods, records, and reports. The testing of cannabis products by accredited laboratories provides confidence that the products are properly evaluated, resulting in safe consumer products.

The view from the Columbia Bank Lobby overlooking downtown Tacoma with Mt. Rainier in the distance.

Summit Topics

  • Quality Assurance Protocols – What is important to implement in your facility and what can be learned from other industries.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices – The practices required in order to conform to the guidelines recommended by state and federal agencies.
  • Research and Development – Developing new cannabis products, or improving existing or products.
  • Human Trials – The importance of quality assurance protocols in human trials.
  • Pesticide Screening – What pesticides are required to screen for and at what action levels, and what the future of pesticide analysis might look like.
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) – Why LIMS are important to quality assurance.
  • Data Forensics – Utilize the vast amount of data that is being cataloged by the traceability system to identify issues along with bad actors.
  • Laboratory Preventative Maintenance (PM) – Why PM is important to ensure consistent results.
  • Defensible Data – Consumer safety dictates the necessity of defensible laboratory data.
  • Microbial Analysis – What microbial contaminants should we be concerned about and at what action levels should be considered.
  • Heavy Metal Analysis (HM) – Importance of HM testing on cannabis products.
  • WA State and Federal Regulations – There will be a set of agencies that the nascent industry will inevitably begin working with. Who are they and how do we prepare ourselves?


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